You know how it works: we start with the purity of nature’s goodness, and using it, create products that millions around the world know and love. But it’s what happens in the middle that we’re keen to talk to you about. As you know, a whole lot goes on between the cow and the customer. So it’s only natural that as a business, we want to make sure every aspect of our value

chain is optimised to deliver ultimate effi ciency and effectiveness. And we’d like your help with that. In essence, it’s a streamlining and process simplifi cation initiative focussed on interconnecting our value chain... and one of the biggest things going on at Fonterra right now.

Real Opportunity for You

Think about it like this: what we’re doing here impacts every corner of Fonterra Trade and Operations. We’re creating the ‘new now’ – setting a new benchmark for business as usual. It’s a big deal - literally and figuratively – an initiative that could shape your biggest career move yet. The scope to learn more, do more, achieve more is unparalleled, because helping us take the business where we want it to go will take you exactly where you want to be too.
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Real Opportunity for Us

Our entire business is set to benefit from this change, so you can understand what it means to get it right. By connecting all facets of our supply chain from milk collection to manufacturing, logistics and trade, we will deliver increased value to our shareholders, our customers and our employees.
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Real Opportunity for NZ

Makes no bones about it, we’re important to New Zealand, and we know we’ve got a vital role to play in the development and success of our nation. Mind you, New Zealand’s important to us too, so a major part of this initiative is about giving more back to the nation that’s given us so much. We’re a proud Kiwi co-operative owned by our farmers and by achieving greater success, we’ll be passing on the benefits to New Zealanders.
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